About community consultation

A key component to NIDAC’s strength and its ability to provide high level independent advice to government is its capacity to consult with key stakeholders within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Through feedback from these key stakeholders, and the expertise of its members, NIDAC has provided ongoing advice to various Government Ministers and Departments, the ANCD and the Inter Governmental Committee on Drugs (IGCD) to effectively address Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples harmful alcohol and other drug use as well as raising awareness of new and emerging issues.

NIDAC consults by:

  • A NIDAC website that caters to those working to address harmful Indigenous alcohol and other drug use
  • Targetted online surveys on specific Indigenous drug and alcohol issues
  • Face to face consultation with key stakeholder representative groups
  • Accessing Indigenous alcohol and drug workers using existing alcohol and drug network workshops in each State/Territory
  • Opportunistic workshops, meetings and forums that are relevant to alcohol and other drug misuse and its associated harms
  • The biennial NIDAC Conference

Read NIDAC Communiques and Community Consultation Reports